Allows for haircut drawing on my bald head, to crowd-source great haircut ideas for myself. Just another step on the journey to perfect hair.

routinegen (not yet done)

Website that dynamically generates a workout routine based on what attribute the user is trying to improve in the immediate future.

collider remake

Collider is a makerspace entirely founded and run by students, and many of us felt it was not getting the attention it deserved. The effort started with me and some friends building an ~8 foot tall lighthouse with our branding to advertise the space, and ended with me leading two mini teams of designers and hackers to entirely renovate the space over the course of a semester to make it more exciting.


After a year of mixing my own meal replacement shakes, I realized the nobody in the meal replacement market was selling personalized food (nutritionally catered to the customer in question). I began doing this, and sold around 4,000 day-pouches to around 45 different customers before realizing I don't particularily enjoy spending hours every week mixing powders. I also was legally required to incorporate after the 12 month mark, which was not an option on my student visa.

terrapin hackers

The UMD hacker collective. Initially started out organizing bus trips to hackathons for the club (and getting to know lots of cool hackathon organizers on the way) as well as organizing hacktorials. I then transitioned into running our makerspace, collider. Finally, I spent a semester as president before removing myself from the organization team.


I (used to) go to collegiate hackathons every few weekends, and almost always made something silly (but fun). The most recent one was HoyaHacks at Georgetown, where some friends and I made a table top maze to be navigated using a little arduino-car. The car recieved signals from a Myo arm band (controlled by hand gestures), and streamed its POV to the driver's VR headset.

self portrait

The most time I've ever spent on a single drawing. A (very close to) life size self portrait of me doing a handstand seperated into 4 panels and multiple mediums. My friend Alex and I pulled an all nighter together to draw our respective self portraits, and it was lots of fun.


I think teaching is lots of fun; something I realized after my brother and I spent a summer teaching a class of kids in Kashmir how to use computers. In college, I've mentored at several hackathons and run many intro to hardware workshops/hacktorials for Terrapin Hackers. I think teaching introductory courses/workshops can be so much more special than more specific or advanced topics, because you are trying to inspire people to begin a journey.

IGCSE biology notes

When I was a month away from my IGCSE exams, and freaking out about the fact that I didn't have access to an exhaustive (but not excessive) biology textbook made for this exact examination like I did for my other 7 subjects, I ended up writing one. It ended up being responsible for several As and A*s; as well as several thousand downloads on xtremepapers.